The Great Bear Show was established in 1977 and is the oldest and longest running wild animal educational show in the country..

We travel to Fairs, Sport Shows, Television, Movies or any other type of event for the public to learn about and enjoy these amazing animals. In our web site you can find information about Bears.
How we handle and train them along with diet and veterinary care.
You can also find out about our history and booking information.

These are some of our display sets at a Fairs and Sport Shows. The Bears are on display during Fair hours. Complete with portable pen, swimming pool, backdrop and information plaques of

the Bears. The entire display and show area is surrounded by a perimeter fence.
The patrons enjoy standing and watching the bears just being Bears.

Member since 1990
Outdoor Amusement Business Association

About Us
 Poteet Strawberry Festival 2008
(Set up, prior to opening)

 Northwest Sportsman's Show 2006
Portland Oregon

Our Bears enjoying their good life at home on our 200 Acre Ranch.

Jacki playing in the snow. 

Then again trying to get a squirrel to come down to play.

Andy waking up from his afternoon nap.

Bucky & Brock still napping.
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The Great Bear Show is also a privately owned facility. We have obtained most of our Bears as Orphaned cubs because of hunters whom don't know the differance between a bore and a sow with cubs. The cubs as a result will not survive on their own. When the State Fish and Wildlife Agencies find these orphaned cubs or the U.S.D.A. finds unlicensed owners, we are sometimes contacted by these agency's to

find a home for them. We take them in, train them to be able to be handled safely and try to find them good homes of licenced facilities that have the room.  We also take them on the road to events to educate the public about bears in the wild and in captivity. Since we are what is called "Old School" and find ways to survive by working and use our God given talents of using our minds to come up with ideas, rather than going 501.C and using other's tax money. Our

educational show and merchandise sales are the only income source for their care and feed. Bears are one of the few species that can not be rehibilitated back into the wild. Once they have made any type of human contact, they have lost their fear and have an irreverasible impression that human's are an easy source of food. Our love for these magnisifant animal's provide them safety, food and medical
 care, so they can live long and happy live's. So remember that when you purchase from our store or our display when we are out on our educational show tours, all of the proceeds of your purchase goes directly for the bears, not in our pockets. My personal survival

income, comes from my automotive and welding business. Please tell your friends to shop with us for all of their Bear related decor, souvineers and merchandise.