Tee Shirts

Our Mountian apparel collection is made in the U.S.A. T-Shirts from the heart of New England and hand dyed with environmentally friendly water based dyes and are free of chemicals that are harmful to the body.

Our Tee-Shirts are top quality 100% Cotton and pre-shrunk.
All shirts come in only the color shown to augment each design.

Specify size when ordering:
 CS-Child Small 4-6, CM-Child Medium 6-8, Child Large 10-12....$18.00
M-Medium, L-Large, XL-Extra Large....$20/00, XXL. XXXL....$22.00, 
Sizing Charts Below
Red Numberis quanity left.
Title: "Bear Eye's" 
Sizes: 1 XL,
Title: "Spirits" (3) Left
Sizes:  L
Title: "Black Bear Trilogy" 
Sizes: 1 CL

Title: "Grizzly Run" (1) Left
Sizes: M

Title: "Polar Bears Lounging" 
Sizes: M (1) Left
Title: "Polar Peek a Boo" 
Sizes: CS (1) Left
Title: "Polar Vision" 
Sizes: 1 L, 1 XL, 
Title: "Polar Collage" 
Sizes: 1 M. 2 XL
Title: "Confidence" 
Sizes: 2 L, 2 XL, 3 XXL
(Print is on back of shirt)
Silioutte Logo on front.
Title: "Determination" 
Sizes: 1 XL, 2 XXL
(Print is on back of shirt)
Silioutte Logo on front.
Title: "Nice Hooters" 
Sizes: 1 XXL, 1 XXXL
Free Shipping
Title: "Mr. Bear" 
Sizes: Child 6-8 (9 left)
Child 10-12 ( 7 left)
Blue (shown), Yellow or Green
Captions says: "Still waiting for Human season to Open"
Bottom says: "We Reserve the Right to Arm Bears".

Title: "Bears in the Morning" 
Sizes: 1 CL 
Title: "Salesman of the Year" 
Sizes: 1M, 2L, 5XL 4 XXL
Title: "Bear Totum" 
Sizes: 2M