Our Process of Building a Bear Park/Santurary
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Now in the Process of Obtaining 501(c)3 Status

We are in the process of the massive paperwork to obtain 501(c)3 Status.
Name will be posted once Status is obtained.
 Non-Profit status to build a Bear Park Sanctuary.
Clearing Timber, New Fencing, Structures and other construction projects in the works to get the facility operational.

We currently have a population of 6 bears at this facility, in which the Bears are able to roam freely and take shelter in their pen at night, when not under supervision.  We have the opportunity to build a large area of 40+ acres, which will be a containment for them, where constant supervision is not necessary, as we increase the population.  We are planning on many species, not just Black Bears, at this facility when finished.

The main complex to house them, in addition to their current housing, is under construction now and completely out of pocket, since we don't have 501(c)3 Status as of yet. 

Stage 1

Two additional dens and 3 new areas to welcome new bears
 (approximately 3000 square feet). Along with a new food storage area, cooler, supply area and veterinary care.
The foundation will be poured in March of 2016. Expected completion in October of 2016. 

Stage 2

Will be the actual containment areas. Consisting of 4 separate sections, which can be opened or closed for separation or intermingling of species. The entire containment will cover the 40+ Acres. Planned to be constructed from 12' chain link, hot wire concrete footing (to prevent digging), boulders, trees and other structures for animal enrichment and natural settings for the Bears. I have gotten many ideas from affiliates and other wildlife parks and combined these ideas with my own experience to build the best facility for the Bears' well-being.  

Stage 3

Will be the public access areas once we open. This will consist of walkways, benches, security cameras, information plaques, gift shop and parking lot.

As Construction takes place we will post photos of it's progress.

Donations will be greatly appreciated.
Once 501(c)3 Status is Obtained, all donations will be tax deductible, should you donate.


Materials: Material and Labor donations will help also due to the current economy, which is creating limited bookings and low income from our shop.  

Stage 1: Projected Cost $21,535.00
20 Yards or 40 tons of gravel
1200 lbs. Mortor
(250) 8"x8"x16" Cinder Blocks
(6) 8"x8"x8" Cinder Block
40 yards Concrete
10000 feet 5/8" Solid Rod
1800 feet 3"x3"x3/16" Structural Box Tubing
1300 feet 3"x1/4" flat bar
(2) 5 feet x 8 feet 3/8" plate steel sheet
8 feet x 10 feet 3/8" plate steel sheet
30 feet 4" x 1/4" flat bar
16 feet 8" x 1/4" flat bar
500 feet 5/8" Rebar
(60) 1/2" J Bolts
300 square feet 12ga. Concrete re-enforcement mesh
40 14" Chop Saw Wheels
(4) 12 1/2lb. spools 0.30 mig welding wire
(3) 12" grinder wheels
(34) 24 feet sheets 26ga. R Panels
(6) 8"x3 1/2" x 14ga. Cee Purlin
(35) 4" x 2 1/2" x 16ga. Cee Purlin
Concrete/Masonry Construction Workers (Volunteers)
Fabrication Welders (Volunteers)

Stage 2: Projected Cost $635,000.00

20,000 feet 12 ' x 9ga. Chainlink fencing
(1500) 12' x 2 3/8" Posts
(40) 12' x 8" Posts
800 feet 2 3/8" Pipe
Chainlink bolt clips, gate tracks and caps.
10,000 feet high tensil hotwire and insulators
50 Mile 20 jouel Lightning arrested, battery backup Fence Charger
Ditch witch machine (Rental)
750 yards concrete.
3000 1 1/4" PVC Pipe and water fixtures
3000 10ga. underground electrical Romex wire and fixtures
Excavation & Construction (Volunteers)
Boulders (various sizes)

Stage 3: Projected Cost $145,000.00

1400 yards asphalt
Benches & Picnic Tables
Lavatory Facility
10,000 feet fencing, posts, gates, etc.
Materials for sign plaques
Security Cameras and monitors
Gift shop shelving
Wheelchair ramps
Register, Point of Sale Software, misc. office supplies.
Excavation & Construction (Volunteers)

This list will expand as we near stage 3.


One of the Bears out strolling in the proposed park area.
Proposed Park Plan